About us

Hello and welcome to our shop.

My name is Emma. I have had rabbits for over 14 years and have always been an advocate for correct rabbit care and diet. I am always educating myself on rabbit knowledge and keep up to date on rabbit care. 

I am fed up of seeing toys and treat being sold for rabbits that are not safe for them, so I decided to open an online shop and sell toys and treats that are safe for rabbits.

I care around the environment so make sure to only use products that can be recycled. Our products come in recyclable bags and our toys are all natural and made with no glue so 100% bunny safe. All of our products are tested by my 5 bunnies. I can assure you they are bunny approved. 

So myself and Delilah, Brody, Oscar and Jax are excited for you to try our wonderful products and bring your bunnies joy. 

Please tag us on instagram with the #thenaturalbunnycompany 

Thank you

Emma x